Hello readers,

I’ve finally hit a milestone and reviewed 50 movies (well, 52, to be precise) on this live-action Disney blog of mine. When I started this blog in 2013, I did it out of a desire to watch and review these films as this was a niche that nobody else seemed to have covered. It also helped my blogging skills and has been great fun! I’m glad that I never quit and actually made it to the big 50!

I wanna thank you readers for making this blog as such a success as it is and giving me a reason to continue it! We’re far from finished, but I just wanna say I appreciate all that you’ve done so far!

So to celebrate, let me know in the comments which has been your favorite review of mine on this blog. Also don’t forget that you can click on the Index button at the top left to see an alphabetical index of all the movies that I’ve reviewed so far. You can also click on the Ranking the Films button on the top left to see how the films rank so far from best to worst.

Thanks again! Here’s to the next 50 films!